• United Minorities Phonolith T1/S1
  • 2x Rotel RB9808X + Rotel Preamp
  • Maselec MTC-1X


  • Manley Massive Passive
  • Tegeler Audio Manufaktur EQP-1


  • Steinberg Wavelab 9 Pro
  • Steinberg Cubase 6


  • Grimm Audio
  • Vovox
  • ViaBlue


  • Crane Song HEDD 192 AD/DA
  • Dangerous Music Convert 8 DA


  • Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Vari Tube Compressor
  • Smart Research C2
  • GML 8900 Dynamic Range Controller


  • Universal Audio (UAD Quad)
  • Native Instruments
  • Izotope
  • Eventide

How to prepare your mix

RCP Mastering accepts all common uncompressed Audio formats, such as wav or aiff in either a stereo file or stems in every resolution up to 192kHz

To prepare your mix, please make sure that you use the native sample rate of your mixing session, since converting to a higher sample rate will not increase the quality of your audio and make sure you print your mix in either 24bit or 32bit.

Additionally, don't use tools that cut transients (i.e. Limiter, Maximizer), don't clip your mix (leave some headroom) and when sending stems, make sure that no normalization is applied and the sum of the stems is identical to your desired stereo mix. When stem mastering, an additional reference stereo mix is highly appreciated.

The final product will be delivered in wav format in your native sample rate and in 24/32bit and additionally downsampled to 44,1kHz/16bit depending on your order.

How does the data transfer work?

Data transfer with RCP Mastering is done exclusively via Dropbox. As soon as an order has been confirmed, you will receive an invitation to your personal secure dropbox. Both your raw data and products from RCP Mastering will be shared in that folder.