Acoustics Pt. 2

Hey, it's Rob again from the studio!

It's been awhile since the last update, but here's what happened since then.
There were two giant absorbers built into the room when I moved in here. Unfortunately, they were at exactly the wrong place (The direct reflection path from my ear to the speakers was exactly in the gap between the two absorbers) and they weren't really very pretty. Additionally, I was told that the wooden frame is problematic because of additional hard reflecting surfaces.

My use of the past tense means they're gone already. Taking them down was somewhat of a nasty process. They were filled with foam and stone wool and the latter wasn't a pleasure to handle, especially, since we weren't prepared for it...

The place of the two absorbers took another two absorbers, made from the same material as the other absorbers on the side walls (basotect, a type of melamine foam). I'm very happy with how the material works and how much more balanced, accurate and deep the sound is. Of course, the absorbers were put in places where they would get rid of first reflections off the monitor speakers. Additionally, they were cut big enough to be effective even in different listening positions. I don't feel limited in my ability to move while working, which is a big plus for me, because I like to be comfortable when concentrating for extended periods of time.

In addition to the absorbers on the ceiling, I put absorbers on the back wall, to get rid of direct reflections and triangular basstraps in the rear corners, with their corner facing into the room (that's a recommendation by the manufacturer to increase their effectiveness in getting rid of low frequency rumble in the room).

Here's pictures of the studio front and back, with the new acoustic treatment. All in all, I'm satisfied with the result. The sound is very precise, balanced and easy to listen to. The room doesn't feel dead either.

Studio front.

Studio front.

Studio rear.

Studio rear.

I almost forgot, my livestream is set up now, so look out for some live mastering action on! :)


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