Robert Pachaly - Mastering Engineer

Robert has been a full blood musician ever since he could think. At the age of just five, he started playing classical piano and not too long after that, lessons in Drums and Orchestral Percussion and Guitar followed.

Robert's youth brought him a lot of experience performing classical and popular music on stage in various ensembles, from symphonic wind orchestras to chamber orchestras to small ensembles, rock and blues bands and most importantly as a solo artist.

In his late teens, Robert started playing Electric Bass and Soprano Saxophone and most recently, he picked up the violin and is currently part of multiple orchestras and ensembles as a violinist. Robert is also the driving force behind the progressive rock band Surrilium, composing, producing and playing bass.


Ever since his studies in Freiburg, Robert has been obsessed with music production, recording, mixing and especially mastering. Originally planned as means to produce his own music, Robert quickly realized that his future lies within the production side of the music industry. He's been a Mixing- and Mastering Engineer for years, working with a particularly artistic approach. His extensive experience as a performing musician is an invaluable asset in supporting the artists musical vision.

In addition to his mastering activities, Robert is also keen on giving back to the community. As well as being an educational force online, he is also teaching ear training, ensemble and music production at the Hochschule für Kunst, Design & Populäre Musik Freiburg.